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Shipping & Returns

Where is my order?
You will receive an email once the order has been shipped will contain trace information. You can also see your delivery by logging into your account.

Remember, we strive to provide courier package to meet your needs. Schools must be delivered 3:00 to 17:00 a voice expected birth should work home at 18:00. Note that it is not always possible to find these days, so you can give, at 21:00.

What can I expect my delivery is?
Our couriers do our best to provide a package to meet your needs. Delivery will be made to the school by 15 hours must be 17:00 ET work address was delivered to the delivery address must be done before 18:00. Note that it is not always possible to find these days, so you can give, at 21:00.

I have to sign for my order?
We understand that you can not be a sign to the house of the package, so they can stand in a safe place, or left to the neighbors. Please note that all the instructions left by request only and are not guaranteed. If this is impossible, a calling card is left, which will include information on how to re-arrange delivery.

I have no influence to provide all weather conditions?
Please note that some areas may be affected by adverse weather conditions, and can cause a slight delay in the delivery.

When you return something, need the same product in different sizes and colors or replace the product, you will have a new order online for the items you need. New orders directly to you when we get to process your return, we will return to our transfer policy.

If you take advantage of our FREE returned to storage, you can always use your credit card is returned by the purchase of another product, the object directly in the store.

If this description because the line wrong, whether or something?

If you buy something that turned out to be false, if possible, you can get back to the shop, so you can control the project and assess blame. If you require us to post, please contact our Customer Service to discuss the best way forward.

If you have a defective product, we have the case of your possible projects to provide a refund or exchange. All you have to pay shipping or delivery fees are refunded. If the item is found guilty, but already excessive wear, abuse or pain, not for malicious damage, we will discuss with you. We will not be able to provide a refund in the case.

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